Christrosen für den Wohnraum


Winter time is Helleborus time! Christmas Roses, whether potted or cut, are perfect for merry floral decorations in the home and conservatories during the pre-Christmas period. Even after the Christmas holidays, the Christmas Rose is still a beautiful winter flower that helps make the transition from Christmas to spring very versatile. When everything is still grey outdoors, the fresh, wintery white flowers brighten indoor spaces. Placed in a vase "au naturel" without any accessories, the Christmas Rose unfolds its classic beauty especially well. If you like it more luxuriant, simply arrange it with white Persian buttercup (Ranunculus asiaticus), ivy (Hedera) or other plants. And if you absolutely can't wait for spring to come, use pale-hued Snow Roses or bold-coloured Lenten Roses to generate spring feelings long before the first spring bulbs begin to appear.

To ensure you can enjoy Christmas Roses over a long period of time, place them in a cool and light place in your home, as you should Snow Roses and Lenten Roses.

Step by step instructions
Naturally beautiful Naturally beautiful

Table decoration with Christmas Roses in natural colours

do-it-yourself instructions
Chrystal clear Chrystal clear

Christmas Rose in a glass with fir branches

do-it-yourself instructions
Charmingly Christmasy Charmingly Christmasy

Christmas Rose combined with moss, pinecones and balls

do-it-yourself instructions


Used as cut flowers, most Christmas Roses, Snow Roses and Lenten Roses do well in a vase for just over a week, provided they are not placed in an excessively warm environment. This means that you can decorate the house with fresh flowers from your own garden even in winter. You can extend the vase-life by re-cutting the flower stems and changing the water on a daily basis. Do not add flower food to the water on any account!

Floating Lenten Rose flowers

This lovely table decoration is quick to make. Simply pick some flowers from Christmas Roses or different Lenten Rose varieties from your garden and place them in a bowl filled with water. They will float on the water like water lilies. For a more romantic presentation, allow some floating candles to float amidst the blooms.

Festive table with a luxury of Christmas Roses – Do-it-yourself

Prolific bloomers in winter with brilliant white flowers, Christmas Roses add elegancy to any festive meal during Christmastime. The video shows you step by step how to make this beautiful table decoration with Christmas Roses and fir cones.

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